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How did irma grese die

Scenes like this were inflicted by thousands of SS guards who reigned terror upon millions of prisoners interned in the hundreds of concentration camps throughout the Nazi regime.

Of the 37, SS guards who actively participated in the daily suffering, torture and death of the internees, approximately 10 per cent were female overseers. Others were sentenced to between one year to life imprisonment. Few were acquitted. Irma Grese, known as the 'beautiful beast' of Belsen, was, according to the charges brought against her at the Belsen Trial inone of the 'most sinister and hated figures' of the camps. Witnesses claimed that she used to beat women until they collapsed.

And she was not the only one. Just like their male counterparts, the female guards upon entering the camps were trained to become hardened and to punish prisoners severely when necessary. Many became accustomed to beating and kicking prisoners — sometimes to the point of death — with their jackboots, sticks, truncheons and, in the case of Irma Grese, with a whip made of cellophane. Some were involved in administering lethal sterilisation experiments and many were present in the selection of those prisoners to be sent to the gas chambers.

Some also carried a gun. Not all guards, however, became equally accustomed to brutality. There was no equivalent order sent to SS men. Equally, murder was not customary for the female guards. They rarely used their guns and none, without exception, administered the fatal Zyklon B gas that killed over 6 million Jews, gypsies and asocials — amongst others — in the gas chambers. Direct killing was viewed solely as a masculine endeavour.

This is not to say, however, that female guards did not kill the prisoners indirectly through their ill-treatment and violence — and violence was the norm throughout the camp environment. So, how did these guards, described as 'sadists' and 'beasts' by former prisoners, find themselves committing these crimes against humanity?

Elisabeth Volkenrath, chief female overseer in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, sentenced to death inwas an unskilled labourer prior to becoming a guard. Ruth Closius, also sentenced to death for her exceptional cruelty, had dreamed of becoming a nurse but, since she left school too early, became a saleswoman in a textiles warehouse.

The notorious Irma Grese worked at a dairy farm after leaving home at 15 years of age. Before entering the camps these women were, to all intents and purposes, ordinary women leading ordinary lives. Many were not even members of the Nazi party. Unlike the overwhelming majority of male SS guards who were ardent believers in Nazi ideological and racial beliefs, less than 5 per cent of female guards were formal members of the Nazi party. For some then, the lure of a stable, well-paid job complete with uniform and accommodation was enough.

Female guards earned approximately RM, considerably more than the average wage of women of the same age in an unskilled factory job, 76 RM.

Becoming a guard represented upward mobility for many of these under-educated and lower-class women. Even so, the recruitment campaign from onwards failed to attract the large numbers the SS needed in order to manage the increasing number of female prisoners.Three women and eight men, found guilty by a British military court of committing mass murders and atrocities at the Belsen and Oswiecim concentration camps, where thousands of Jews, Poles and other war refugees died, were put to death in executions that lasted from a.

They were found guilty at Lueneburg after a nine-week trial. Of 44 defendants, 14 were acquitted, 11 were sentenced to death and the remainder were given prison terms ranging from life down to one year. The hangings were conducted with the greatest secrecy, presumably to foil any last-minute attempts at escape, or rescue from the outside.

Montgomery had turned down pleas for clemency. The first to die on the gallows was Elizabeth Volkenrath, 26, former hairdresser and chief of the S. She was followed a half-hour later by Irma Grese, 22, the blond, pistol-packing "Beastess" of Belsen. The third woman to die-at a. Kramer, beetle-browed and 39, died at p. Fritz Klein, 58, gray-haired graduate of the Budapest Medical School whose specialty was picking victims for the Oswiecim gas chambers.

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April 15 UPI -- British authorities have arrested a pharmacist and a surveyor on fraud charges that accuse them of selling phony coronavirus testing kits. Trending Stories.Irma Grese. Irma Grese was one the most notorious of the female Nazi war criminals and was one of the relatively small number of women who had worked in the concentration camps that were hanged for war crimes by the Allies.

Irma Grese

She became the youngest woman executed under British jurisdiction in the 20th century and was also the youngest of the concentration camp guards to be hanged. Early days. It appears that they were a normal, hardworking, agricultural family. She left school in at the age of 15 and worked on a farm for six months, then in a shop, and later for two years in a hospital.

Like many other young people, she was swayed by Hitler's oratory and shocked by the corruption of the Weimar Republic government. She joined a Nazi youth group and wholeheartedly embraced their ideas. She was a volunteer concentration camp guard and had not been forced to work there.

In March she was transferred to Auschwitz. Irma rose to the rank of Oberaufseherin Senior SS-Supervisor in the autumn ofin day to day control of around 30, women prisoners, mainly Polish and Hungarian Jews.

She was the second most senior female guard there. Her crimes and trial. Belsen was liberated by the British and Irma along with the camp's Commandant, Joseph Kramer, and other guards were all arrested. He and 44 of the others were indicted for war crimes by a British Military Courtunder Royal Warrant of the 14th of Juneon various charges of murder and ill treatment of their prisoners at Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps. The first phase of the Belsen Trials, as they were known, took place at No.

All the accused were represented by counsel. Irma being defended by Major L. Irma pleaded not guilty to the specific charges brought against her. Many of the survivors of Belsen testified against Irma. They spoke of the beatings and the arbitrary shooting of prisoners, the savaging of prisoners by her trained and half starved dogs, of her selecting prisoners for the gas chambers and of her sexual pleasure at these acts of cruelty.

She habitually wore heavy boots and carried a whip and a pistol. She was alleged to have used both physical and emotional methods to torture the camp's inmates and seemed to enjoy shooting prisoners in cold blood.The famed Hyena of Auschwitz Whichever nickname you decide to give her, Irma Grese is perhaps one of the most terrifying, and unrelenting characters to be found in the history of World War II.

She turned her back on her family. Had a love affair with Josef Mengele. Fed starving prisoners to her starving dogs. Had Jews turned into lampshades for her quarters. Tortured as many prisoners as she could, on a daily basis.

And she carries perhaps one of the largest body counts in terms of casualties for any one person to rack up, during the war But to hear it from her, she was forced into training.

how did irma grese die

She never hurt the prisoners more than she had to. All she wanted was to work as a nurse Even if she was forced into it, she took up the job with joy. And her dreams of becoming a star didn't come true quite the way she wanted to. Though she still is one hell of a sensation, she was the youngest person ever to be executed by the British.

how did irma grese die

So let's learn a little bit about this horrifying harlot. Irma didn't have the greatest of childhoods, if we're being fair here. That doesn't excuse the murder and mayhem, but it does help to explain it.

Her mother committed suicide when Irma was only thirteen, and she dropped out of school the very next year, due to bullying. It seemed her father loved her very much. But in spite of him being a member of the Nazi party, he didn't approve of her increasingly radical views.

Radical towards the League of German Girls. This group was essentially the female counterpart to the Hitler Youth program of which the last pope was a part. Given her trenchant views, her father ordered Irma to keep away from her childhood home. She did one better. She did stay away from home, as per his orders All because she loved Hitler more, I guess.

Now some of this is speculation, but the proof is pretty overwhelming.She is pictured ahead of her trail in We, suddenly we. There she found herself as a supervisor by the age of 19 and in Irma was sent to Auschwitz, to act as a guard. Known as the Hyena of Auschwitz, Irma Grese, was one of the most feared guards at the infamous concentration camp. A sadistic nymphomaniac who slept with SS guards, she participated in selecting prisoners for the gas chamber as well as exacting horrific punishment beatings.

She was rounded up when concentration camp Bergen-Belsen was liberated by the British army in Many survivors testified against her, claiming Grese often gave brutal beatings and arbitrarily shot prisoners.

5 Facts About The Notorious Nazi Prison Guard Irma Grese

Then she was approached by someone who was trying to get people to work in concentration camps. Look at the psychology of these people who worked in the concentration camps. Anita told how towards the end of her time at Belsen, Grese began to try and make amends. She is pictured inbefore becoming an SS guard. Source: Read Full Article.

You are here:. Holocaust survivors tell of 'notorious' SS officer, Irma Grese.

The Ghost of Irma Grese

We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.Her body was perfect in every line, her face clear and angelic, and her blue eyes the gayest, the most innocent eyes one can imagine.

And yet Irma Grese was the most depraved, cruel, imaginative pervert I ever came across. Gisella Perl. The blond, blue-eyed epitome of a Nazi Aryan poster child, Grese became the second-highest ranking SS Aufseherin SS Female Overseer at the Auschwitz-Birkenau murder camp in at age 20——and stirred panic and fear in every prisoner so unfortunate to have been deported there during the Holocaust.

Her career of crime caught up with her at the end of the war, and she was arrested, tried, and executed by the British. Long after her death the question remains: How could a woman achieve such a horrendous reputation and commit such heinous crimes? Wrechen is 50 miles north of Berlin and south of the Baltic Sea. It borders the Holstein region to the west and Pomerania to the east. Her mother committed suicide in when Grese was nine years old, allegedly due to marital problems with her domineering husband.

Irma was one of five children. Helene was her youngest sister, but the birth order of the other three children is unknown and has been lost to history. Alfred Grese was described as a conservative farmer, a regular churchgoing Christian, and very stern and strict with his children; beatings were not uncommon.

The activities in the BDM also gave Irma a recreational release from her rigid and oppressive life at home. Their father hated this and eventually disavowed the existence of Irma——especially after her heinous crimes and career were made public during her war-crimes trial. In —the same year that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis came to power in Germany——year-old Irma began her Nazi indoctrination. Her father was given no choice over this indoctrination of his daughter because the Enabling Act of March 23,mandated a Nazi education in all elementary schools.

Irma was also a susceptible and willing convert to Nazism; she felt, even at such a young age, that the Weimar Republic was overly liberal, decadent, and too permissive and had corrupted the German people. Irma naturally gravitated to the right-wing conservative ideology of Nazism. The Nazis and the BDM also emphasized love of the land and taught that the urban setting was unhealthy and degenerate. Farmers and those who worked the land held a sacred place in the Nazi vision.

Since Irma had an agrarian background, it made even more sense that she was so attracted to Nazi ideology. Irma left elementary school in at age 14 and, after leaving home, worked as a farmhand for six months. She then worked as a retail sales clerk in a shop in Luchen.

It is not known why she left home but it appears that it was due to discord between her and her oppressive father, who had monitored her comings and goings since the onset of puberty. But some psychologists believed that she suppressed her inner rage, releasing it in her role as a powerful female guard in the camps.

Gebhardt, along with Dr. Using sulfa drugs for gangrenous wounds and transplanting bones in an attempt to regenerate severed nerves were among the medical experiments to which Gebhardt devoted himself during the Holocaust.

This may only be a rumor as it is not known for certain. Gebhardt was a highly esteemed man and a Nazi Party comrade who had supported Hitler early in the Nazi movement.

She not only had tried to learn nursing at Hohenlychen but also was well indoctrinated there in SS and race ideology. She testified during her trial that she tried again to become a nurse trainee in July An advertisement at this time actively sought Aufseherinnen with the promise of full-time employment, room, board, and clothing——including uniforms.

Approximately 2, women served as SS Aufseherinnen during the Holocaust. Irma and all other recruits had to pass a medical exam and have a crime-free history.

She was assigned to be trained as a concentration camp guard.

how did irma grese die

Becoming an SS Aufseherin offered Grese a new future. Because she was an early convert to Nazism, the fact that she joined the service of the SS Aufseherinnen is not surprising or remarkable. In her first days she is remembered as apologizing to a camp inmate when she stepped in front of her.

It appeared that all the Aufseherinnen, married or unmarried, had one or more constant SS lovers. And, so it seemed, they never overlooked an opportunity to talk comparisons with their colleagues.Irma passed away on December 13, at the age of 22 in Hamelin, Germany. Irma's cause of death was execution by hanging by the english law. Irma Grese was born on October 7, and died on December 13, Irma was 22 years old at the time of death. Irma Grese's sister, Heleneis still alive and kicking at the age of She is Hungarian and has had a career as an adult movie star.

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December 13, How did Irma Grese die? What was the cause of death? Execution by hanging by the english law How old was Irma Grese when died? What was the location of death? Hamelin, Germany. Recently passed away celebrities and famous people.

Is Irma Grese's father, Alfred, dead or alive? Alfred's information is not available now. Is Irma Grese's mother, Berta, dead or alive? Berta's information is not available now. Irma Grese's sister : Irma Grese's sister, Heleneis still alive and kicking at the age of Tags: Born in Died in German. Heath Ledger, Dead or Alive? Les Gold, Dead or Alive? Jennifer Aniston, Dead or Alive? Machine Gun Kelly, Dead or Alive?

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